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Enable Resource Group is a social enterprise that was formed with the specific intent to “Change Lives by Serving Those Who Serve.” Across the world, people face many difficult challenges related to issues such as poverty, hunger, no access to clean water, addictions of all kinds, orphaned status, homelessness, sex trafficking of children, mental illness, illiteracy, family instability, disease, etc. These are hard problems and they are difficult to solve. The good news is that many people in many different organizations work hard all day, every day to solve these problems.

We believe strongly that business can be a catalyst for great and positive change in the world by partnering with and/or providing resources to those organizations who are directly involved in serving those plagued by these intractable physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. We pursue our purpose by bringing our inspiration, gifts, action, creativity and passion to bear in supporting and enabling those organizations focused on serving others and using business as a platform to do good in the world.

We operate through two separate divisions, Enable Ministry Partners and Enable Technology Group. Both divisions serve their customers by providing them with technology services, consulting expertise and solutions that enable performance while maximizing the stewardship of resources. We know that technology can play a vital role in assisting organizations to reach, serve, educate and assist their constituents.


Enable Ministry Partners

Enable Ministry Partners provides to churches a unique Ministry Enablement℠ solution that blends church management software expertise, data analytics, and a full suite of managed technology services.  Churches have very specific software needs and other distinctives that are unique to ministry organizations, so we have designed our Ministry Enablement℠ solution specifically for the distinctive needs of churches. If you are a church, please join us at


Enable Technology Partners

Enable Technology Group serves commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations, and schools. We provide our clients with a mix of strategy and technology skills, including executive-level strategic technology planning, large-scale project management, network design and support, business continuity, and cloud-based infrastructure solutions.  If this sounds like it may be a fit for you, please join us at

Thanks again for stopping in!  If you want to learn more about how we may be able to help you utilize technology to enable performance, or if you want to discuss how you may be able to orient your organization to more intentionally serve those in need, please contact us directly at [email protected].